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Anchorsmashed are on the hunt for a new drummer, bassist, and keyboardist! If you think you're up for the task, mail us or get in touch via your platform of choice. Note, we are not on Tinder, I repeat, not on Tinder, don't even bother looking! Tell us a bit about yourself, and any recordings of you jamming your instrument (or even playing one of Anchorsmashed's greatest hits!) would go a long way.

Play a folk instrument that isn't listed here but feel you have something to offer? We'd still be interested to hear from you.

The track given here as an example is "Great Big F'n Pints!".

Good luck and fair winds!


Solid rhythm to carry the songs, must be able to play to a click track. Double kick pedal essential, can play fast rhythms without losing the groove. A variety of beats ranging from power metal 16ths to blast beats, we're willing to compromise if the feel of the songs is maintained! If you've got a decent electric kit we can slip some of your MIDIs into our recorded material (or acoustic drums if you can work with us on it).


Keyboards to bring some of the folk elements to the live show. Backing tracks are fine, but we want that live energy. Playing chords and melodies, no need to be a power metal virtuoso. Familiarity with DAWs, MIDI, live playback strongly desired, but not essential. If you know Ableton Live that'd be swell. Backing vocals would be a bonus, harsh or clean.